Our new website icon

Our new website

Woah! A new website, what has changed?

Smart Crypto Bot has changed! We have created a new website for our users and we think we made a nice piece of beauty. We are also working hard on changing our bot application as well to be in line with our new website design.

So, a new website. It was needed, wasn't it? We have been working very hard the last couple of months to improve our website, bot performance and getting Smart Crypto Bot ready for the future. Trading crypto will be easier then ever. With a new slick, clean and easy to use interface we hope to bring a friendly trading experience to everyone. Keep in mind: this is still in the works and we are working hard on it. Coming soon!

So what are the future plans for Smart Crypto Bot?

Smart Crypto Bot wants to go next level and we are working on features that will blow your socks off. More to come about this soon! 

Here is a list of the current items we are focusing on:
- Bot performance improvements
- Future trading for other exchanges
- New bot dashboard design
- Getting in touch with new partners and affiliates to grow our platform (if you want to help, please contact info@smartcryptobot.com)
- Growth

Crypto bear market, what is happening?

As most of you are already probably aware, the crypto market is currently going down. This is called a bear market. So naturally, people stop trading in crypto and start saving their assets so they won't lose more money. This means that most exchanges and trading platforms (and bot platforms) are pretty much silent or barely any activity. Smart Crypto Bot is taking this chance to optimize, improve and provide a better trading experience. 

Trade on popular exchanges

Trade automatically with a crypto bot on famous exchanges like Binance, Gate.io and Bybit. Trade coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge and way more and utilize the power of Smart Crypto Bot. Now for free!