Gateway to crypto has been operating since 2013, they have 9 years of experience. They belong to the top 10 crypto exchanges worldwide. They have a very high trading volume. The total amount of daily transactions amounts to 12 billion measured in U.S. dollars. is active in more than 224 different countries. They have an incredible amount of 80 million users. They offer more than 1000 crypto currencies. Why should you use There are numerous reasons. The most important one is their commitment to offer a reliable customer experience. They have three main principles: security, transparency and integrity. To make sure that the platform is secure, they invest millions in cutting-edge technologies. works very hard to protect the safety of your assets. They have been in business for 9 years. During this time, they have proven that they are stable and reliable. 80 million people have experienced this! They are also transparent and value integrity. doesn’t allow market manipulation, and they comply with existing laws and regulations, no matter what. They are constantly striving to be transparent, open and cooperative. has created a convenient and efficient trading system. Furthermore, they posses an instant deposit and withdrawal service. makes use of leading blockchain technology. This way it’s possible for them to offer fast transactions, in real-time. Within seconds, users can make a withdrawal or a deposit. They use hot and cold wallet storage solutions. This way users can make fast withdrawals while the safety of assets is ensured. Furthermore, they possess multi-signature security protection technology. There are a lot of trading possibilities. Spot trading, futures trading, or leveraged trading, it’s all possible. Furthermore, you can hold to earn interest or do some liquidity mining. Secured loans are also possible. Start trading today with a crypto bot. Smart Crypto Bot can be integrated with so you can trade automatically. Read our documentation for more information.

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