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Automated trading

Automated trading is one of the core components of Smart Crypto Bot. Once you have set up your bot, it will take care of buying and selling coins according to your settings.

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Smart Crypto Bot will buy any selected crypto when the buy conditions has been met. This is fully automatic and any position can be viewed in your Dashboard.

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Smart Crypto Bot sells your coins when a Take Profit, Stop-loss, Trailing Stop-loss or a Sell trigger is fired. You can sell manually of automatic.

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Smart Crypto Bot automates buying and selling. Doing this manually is an extensive chore and can be tedious. Smart Crypto Bot takes care of this for you.

Trailing Stop-loss icon

Trailing Stop-loss

Smart Crypto Bot uses Trailing Stop-loss (if enabled) to sell your coin at a given profit percentage.

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Take profit

Smart Crypto Bot will sell your coin automatically when a given profit percentage has been reached (if enabled).

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No system requirements

Smart Crypto Bot is run online. The only software that is required is your browser. Smart Crypto Bot does not have an application available in the App Store or Play Store.