Smart Crypto Bot has developed triggers which you can configure. Triggers are signals what will do an action when the signal is fired. Triggers are most often used when the market suddenly crashes or pumps.

Trigger icon


Triggers are custom made signals that are user-defined. If the trigger conditions are met, it will fire a signal your bot to perform an action.

Indicators icon


Indicators are the living hearth of Triggers. With indicators you can define signals to perform an action with your trigger.

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When an indicator is fired, it will then do an action. You can customize these actions to how you want. Actions can perform actions like turning off your bot, buy every coin available and much more.

Trigger groups icon

Trigger groups

Smart Crypto Bot allows the creation of Trigger groups. With groups, you can organize the many triggers you might configure.

Editing Trigger groups icon

Editing Trigger groups

When you have created a Trigger group, you can also edit them. You can change the behavior of triggers in any group you created.

Trigger phases icon

Trigger phases

Smart Crypto Bot allows the creation of phases. These phases will activate one after the other, in the way you defined them. That way you can configure a chain of events that has to happen and the phase will follow that in that order.

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More phases

Smart Crypto Bot allows multiple phases. You can chain these in order to make sure an specific set of triggers is only to be active when another phase has finished.